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About Amber

My Story

I'm a Christian, baby-wearin', co-sleeping, breastfeeding (even in public), natural-childbirth-giving, homeschooling, "Mommy" (to 5 blessings) who's been helping moms lose weight while breastfeeding, in a healthy way through a realistic eating lifestyle change, email & phone support and a support group of moms. since 2002 ♥ ♥

My programs are for women looking who are tired of trying weight loss diets that don't work and want to lose weight, but in a healthy way and have energy to face their day.

I offer breastfeeding safe weight loss programs, prayer and support to help moms lose weight while nursing their little blessing(s).

I look forward to serving you!

Welcome moms:

- breastfeeding or not
- with babies of any age
- who want energy
- who want to lose weight in a healthy way

- avg weight loss of 3-4 lbs
- OR 3-4 inches per week
- no daily calorie restrictions
- eat 5-7 meals a day
- no exercise required
- weight loss support group
- support via email/phone

I will provide:
- tools to get started
- testimonials for inspiration
- support to meet your goal
- educational information to 

help you maintain it!

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